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Integrating Focusing and the Philosophy of the Implicit into therapeutic practice

The International Association for Focusing Oriented Therapies (IAFOTS) is open to clinicians, counselling trainees, academics, and other persons who are interested in Focusing Therapy and developing the therapeutic potential of the work of Eugene Gendlin, an American philosopher and psychologist. The majority of our Association membership is comprised of Focusing Oriented Therapists from around the world.

Focusing Oriented Therapists are trained in Focusing, a practice based upon Gendlin’s philosophy of experiencing. We also work from diverse therapeutic traditions, including existential, phenomenological, humanistic, experiential, client-centered, psychoanalytic, solution-oriented, brief therapy, cognitive-behavioral, and somatic therapies.

The common feature of our work as Focusing Oriented Therapists is creating an environment that allows and supports the experiential, meaning that whatever model is being used, we find ways to further the client in directly experiencing what they are talking about. The key to successful integration of any approach into a Focusing Therapy practice is in the ability to weave in experiential components so that clients are directly sensing their issues as they are experiencing them, in the moment, during the course of a therapy session.

Clients are continually encouraged to check their therapist’s words and suggestions with their own feeling of what rings true for them.  Through these processes of ongoing client-therapist interaction, a strong relational aspect is built together - one of the hallmarks of Focusing Therapies.

Research on psychotherapy reveals that a client's ability to speak freshly from a direct felt-experience, (rather than from memory or intellectualisation) made the difference in clients getting the change they wanted from their sessions.



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Getting familiar with this site:

Our intention is to make this site approachable, welcoming, and easily manageable. If you are new to Focusing, you may want to begin by clicking on the “Overviews” page, where you will find some basic terms like “Focusing” and “felt sense.” Other useful introductions are found under "An Overview for Clients" on the dropdown menu from the Overview page. Throughout the site you will find a variety of articles describing how Focusing Oriented Therapists integrate experiencing into their respective therapeutic traditions and practices.


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